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September 5, 2017
Handwash Rose – 5L
September 5, 2017
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Handwash Lemon – 5L

Crozier hand wash provides extra care with up to 2-hour protection between washes.

Our trusted, expertly developed formulation:

Protects: Unique long lasting protection for healthy hands. 
Cleans: Effectively removes dirt and germs.
Cares: Our special blend of moisturizers helps keep skin feeling soft.

Crozier liquid handwash is ten times better at fighting germs compared to ordinary liquid soaps. It gives ten times better protection against everyday germs which cause stomach infections and skin infections.

Crozier liquid is a pH-balanced formula which helps your skin feel healthy and fresh.

It is recommended for daily use to prevent diseases caused by germs.

Direction For Use :

  • Press nozzle gently to get Crozier Liquid Hand Wash on the wet hands, rinse, Dry off.